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Why I Want To Become a Nurse Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Why I Want To Become a Nurse - Essay Example Consequently, I accept that receiving nursing as a calling won't just furnish me with my fantasy work, however would likewise empower me to clean myself as a person. I decided to apply in the FHCHS Nursing Program for a few reasons. Right off the bat, FHCHS is situated a good ways off of scarcely a little ways from my home as I live in Orlando. Besides, FHCHS is one of not many clinical focuses that can give their understudies sound clinical experience due to its characteristic relationship with the Florida Hospital. There might be other nursing schools with joins with medical clinics however I decided to apply in FHCHS specifically as a result of the worldwide notoriety and acknowledgment of the Florida Hospital and this Hospital being the greatest of over 350 offices of human services everywhere throughout the world that the Seventh-day Adventist Church needs to work. The unimportant thought of increasing handy experience of learning and working in the Florida Hospital intrigues me. Last yet not the least, lessons and methods of this religious organization are predictable with my strict convictions. I would not consider different establishments when I have world-class instruction and involvement with hardly any paces from my home! I am truly adept at associating with individuals. I am an outgoing individual. These characteristics make me a generally excellent medical attendant. I have for a long while been itching to have an enormous group of friends and a major system of companions. The degree of affiliation and the sort of compatibility a medical attendant appreciates with his/her patients is favorable for long haul relationship between the two. Medical caretakers can discover closest companions in their patients since they get a chance to join to them on a passionate level. Hence, I would make bunches of companions as I work more. I need to do a ton of social work in my life. In the event that I can welcome a grin on a face with my sweet words and care, that fills my heart with joy! Nursing is one calling that would permit me to accomplish that since I would have the option to work for humankind. I accept that having an

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An integrated marketing communications programme for Rapanui Essay

A coordinated showcasing interchanges program for Rapanui - Essay Example ...........................................5 Introduction Integrated showcasing correspondence can be characterized as the method of incorporation of the considerable number of techniques relating to advancement of brand so as to advance a particular item or administration among the focused on clients. Its will probably make all parts of showcasing correspondence like deals advancement, publicizing, direct promoting, advertising, online interchanges, web based life and individual offering to cooperate as a bound together power boosting the cost adequacy as opposed to allowing each to work in seclusion. It incorporates and arranges all picked correspondence and promoting apparatuses, sources and roads into one consistent program that is intended for expanding the effect on clients and opposite end clients at least conceivable cost (Kitchen and Pelsmacker, 2004, p.20). The incorporation influences totally the company’s showcasing channel; business-to-business, inside coordinated and client centered promoting interchanges. Exemplary specialized strategies in style industry Marketing correspondences can be characterized as the interchanges in advertising that is utilized to make an ideal picture towards a brand of item or administration, a thought or an individual. Showcasing correspondence permit the advertisers to educate, inspire, convince and remind shoppers. Organizations entering the market with style garments can utilize all components of correspondence blend in their publicizing, correspondence, individual selling and deals advancement and open connection. Publicizing Any paid type of non individual introduction and advancement of thoughts, merchandise and enterprises by any distinguished support. The pages of expert magazines and bulletins are normal roads for publicizing data identified with the result of firm. Successful correspondence by methods for promoting and media can make a differentiation of its firm from its rivals who are less engaged (B lakeman, 2007, pp.25-30). Deals advancement These are momentary motivating forces which energize the buy or preliminary of administration or item like rebate for access to database over a restricted timespan. Exposure and open connection The projects are intended to ensure or advance the picture of organization or those of its items including item writing, display and articles about the result of association in proficient or in customer distributions. Individual selling Personal selling can be characterized as the up close and personal connection with at least one planned buyers to make deals. Deals are commonly the essential methods for selling business merchandise and enterprises in business-to-business showcasing. Every segment of showcasing correspondence has its particular capacities and own highlights and can be best in arriving at a particular correspondence target. In any case, the best helpful impacts for the organization can be accomplished by coordinating the individual c omponents of incorporated advertising correspondence. Contemporary specialized techniques in design industry various emanant and contemporary issues influencing both the training and comprehension of expert promoting interchanges have become a worry for dynamic and is esteem focused. A wide scope of available correspondence alternatives and the territories of expert practice should be overseen and consolidated under the administration of coordinated promoting interchanges. Showcasing correspondence prior incorporates the prevailing worldview of the organization of promoting yet now it is evolving. As of late, the rise of expert administrations organizations giving

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Overpopulation of Animals

A large number of friend creatures are being euthanized by creature shields every year across the country. One may inquire as to why this is. Is there any one individual or people that is answerable for the over populace of creatures setting off to our neighborhood covers? These are on the whole inquiries that should be replied. On the off chance that we as the overall population need to begin handling these issues, we have to increase further comprehension of how and why these issues are made in any case. Similarly as with each subject there are consistently different sides to each story. This theme is the same. The various voices and suppositions fluctuate as much as the various kinds of types of creatures. First you have the power gathering, similar to that of your neighborhood creature covers and accommodating social orders. These gatherings concur essentially on the possibility that indeed, creature over populace is a colossal issue, and that fixing and fixing is the main method to prevent trained creatures from making increasingly posterity. The second arrangement that huge numbers of the position bunches share is the way that pet proprietors are not generally as educated as they ought to be about the measure of time, consideration, and cash it really takes to appropriately think about a creature. While talking with Dr. Joseph Hoelzle, a nearby veterinarian of 32 years in Cave Junction, OR, he certainly concurs that creature over populace is a HUGE issue. He is given day by day creatures that have been lost or surrendered. Dr. Joe and his staff just have a little office, so when they do get pooches and felines at their entryway step, they are restricted in the alternatives they have. On the off chance that a creature is extremely debilitated or harmed they have the legitimate right to euthanize. In any case if the creature being referred to is a canine they need to call the neighborhood creature cover, as they don't have the offices to encourage hounds. Felines then again, they can accomplish more with. Dr. Joe and his staff can house them longer and attempt and discover homes for them. When asked his sentiment on whether he thought general society is deficient in instruction on the genuine measure of duty it takes to deal with creatures, his reaction was indeed, unquestionably. Take ponies for instance, individuals see ponies and how lovely they are and chosen to bring one home. In the event that you have never claimed a pony, or have never at any point been presented to ponies and how to deal with them, at that point you do not understand how much work it really takes to look after one. † Dr. Joe proceeded to state that the normal size canine that is heal thy takes roughly $10,000 every year to appropriately think about them. The initial step when settling on any choices on getting a creature, regardless of what type or breed, is consistently explore. Research how enormous they will be, what sorts of medical issues are inclined to those particular creatures, do they require a great deal of upkeep, are they high in vitality, etc. Another meeting that was directed was with Marci, from the Josephine County Animal Shelter in Grants Pass, OR. Not knowing how out of sight creature cover was from my area, I tried to leave with a lot of time to discover the haven just as be right on time for the genuine meeting its self. As I was passing on front of the creature cover trusting that my meeting will be had, I can hear all the woofing and wailing of the considerable number of canines. Through their tragic cries you can hear the longing in their voices to simply be cherished. This is only one of the numerous reasons I totally love hounds. Despite the fact that they are secured â€Å"jail† not recognize what their last goal may be, they despite everything welcome everybody with a grin, and a swaying tail, devoted as far as possible. The main inquiry to break the ice that I asked Marci was, do you like your activity. Marci says she totally adores her activity and would not transform anything she does day by day that she is fairly an adrenalin addict. This activity is a remunerating work, disappointing now and again however fulfilling. You find the opportunity to have any kind of effect, a distinction with not just the creatures that you get or salvage, yet in addition with the network. † Life as an official of the creature safe house can be exceptionally testing on occasion. A portion of the difficulties they face all the time is an absence of help, an e normous need financing, absence of labor, and an absence of the best possible hardware. They don't have all the extravagant hardware that is found in magazines, or on the well known TV. appear on Animal Planet, Animal Police. Marci proceeds to state, â€Å"We don't have the correct subsidizing right currently to get something as straightforward as inclines for our trucks. † According to Brad Tally, the creature control director for the Josephine County Animal Shelter, there Annual financial plan is $400,000. The safe house just gets an aggregate of $75,000 from general subsidizing. The safe house themselves are answerable for raising the rest of the parity of $325,000 themselves. They do this through raising support, gifts and the assets they get from pet proprietors permitting their pets. Marci clarifies that it is an Oregon state law that a canine is authorized. Oregon doesn't perceive felines. On the off chance that a creature control official is shouted to a habitation for something like an unsettling influence call, and they understand that the canine isn't authorized, the proprietor can be fined for the expense of the first permit in addition to an additional thirty dollar punishment charge. In the event that the proprietor is as yet not agreeable inside 30 days of the reference, they can be fined again with a $360 dollar reference. â€Å"We would prefer not issue references; we would prefer to attempt to cut the proprietors a break by giving them a verbal admonition. Marci’s musings on creature overpopulation and a beneficial strategy for decreasing the quantity of creatures delivering offspring’s that possibly have no homes to go to, are like those of Dr. Joe. She says that the overpopulation of trained creatures can be halted by fixing and fixin g. That there are a great deal of projects out there that can and will help with the expense of the systems. â€Å"If each pet proprietor chose to get their creatures fixed or fixed, the quantity of creatures being gotten and dropped off would diminish altogether. One motivating force that is as of now set up statewide is that, if a pet proprietor gets there hounds fixed the expense of the permitting is likewise diminished. The expense goes from thirty five dollars down to eighteen dollars. Another issue Marci raised that adds to the overpopulation issue was the way that there are â€Å"back yard† reproducers that breed hounds for cash. â€Å"They are not reproducing their thoroughbred with another kind of thoroughbred to better the variety; they are rearing these mutts just to pick up cash. They have no genuine aim on consistently doing anything with these pooches; they just do this because of unadulterated covetousness. A restricting perspective point to this announcement taken from CQ Researcher: America’s Pampered Pets, By Mary H. Cooper Volume 6, issue 48, Para. 29 expr esses that: AKC raisers contend that in light of the fact that their pooches are sound and appropriately prepared, their privileges to reared creatures ought not be removed. When Marci was gotten some information about the upsetting reality that a large number of creatures are being euthanized every year in American sanctuaries and whether this was valid, her reaction was entirely positive. She had the option to leave a since of expectation, in my now disheartened real factors. Marci expressed that their paces of willful extermination have dropped significantly. That the asylum has begun searching for different methods for managing their creatures other than going legitimately to euthanizing. Every year creature protects across the nation get what is known as â€Å"throw away pets†. What precisely are discard pets? Picture this; you’re out one day driving around with the family, and out of nowhere you see one of those high quality signs that read â€Å"Free Puppies†. So you chose to pull over†¦ you approach see all the cute doggies, swaying their tails and taking a gander at you with those huge honest eyes. You and the family take one home, not so much thinking a lot about the little dog, not to mention its variety. What's more, before you know it, this charming minimal cute doggy has ended up being far more work than you or your family had at first envisioned. So with not having any desire to keep on staying aware of the day by day obligations of claiming the canine, you chose to take it to the neighborhood creature cover with the expectation that it will discover a â€Å"better home†. This is the place the term â€Å"throw away† hounds originates from. Unfortunately enough, this is the thing that Marci and the others at the Animal haven see every day. The general system that is followed when another creature is gotten contrasts from felines to hounds. The initial step is the underlying desk work that is included, getting them â€Å"logged into jail†. After they have accomplished the administrative work one of the principal things they do is filter the creature in plans to discover a microchip. (Microchips are little chips precisely embedded into a canine or felines skin that contains the entirety of the proprietors contact data. ) If there isn't a microchip present and the canine doesn't have any kind of authorizing data on them, at that point the pooch is held for seventy two hours. During the holding time frame the pooch is kept in the back pet hotels from potential adoptees. A lost and discovered book is experienced to ensure that the pooch being referred to has not as of now been brought in as lost. On the off chance that in the seventy two hour time frame the canine is still not asserted, they play out a personality test. On the off chance that the pooch finishes the disposition assessment, at that point they are qualified for reception. Different methods for dealing with homeless mutts other than killing, referenced prior in the paper, that the asylum goes to are working with different projects just as different areas. A portion of the projects they work with are PAWS and Dogs for the Deaf. The other province they work with to put hounds into everlastingly homes is Jackson County. PAWS is a non-benefit creature cover situated in West Linn, Oregon. As indicated by their site situated at www. pawsanimalshelter. organization, Since we opened our entryways on June 6, 1999, we have found hom

Information Sharing for the Bullwhip Effect

Data sharing for the bullwhip impact: over-or belittled? Single man proposition: Thesis Circle: Organization considers, second semester, scholarly year 2011-2012 Time will tell†¦. A procedures point of view on between hierarchical joint effort Name: ANR: E-mail: PC Jansen 770926 P. C. [emailâ protected] nl Information sharing for the bullwhip impact: over-or thought little of? Unique This writing audit researches the impact of data sharing from a purchaser to a provider in a flexibly chain on the exhibition of that provider, in view of taking that the provider needs to battle the bullwhip effect.With the presence of the bullwhip impact, a provider can't make right estimates and in this way experiences issues in arranging its creation as well as stock control. This exploration shows that data sharing is the key answer for lessen or keep away from the bullwhip impact and, by that, is emphatically impacts the presentation of the provider in the chain. Watchwords: Bullwhip, flexibl y chain, data sharing, provider execution, stock control Thesis Circle: Time will tell†¦. A procedures viewpoint on between authoritative collaborationSupervisor: Remco Mannak Supervisor 2: Annemieke Stoppelenburg Name: ANR: E-mail: PC Jansen 770926 P. C. [emailâ protected] nl 2 Table of substance Table of substance 1. Presentation 2. Hypothetical Framework 2. 1 Performance of a provider 2. 2 Information sharing 2. 3 Bullwhip impact 3. System 3. 1 Data assortment 3. 2 Quality Indicators 4. Results 4. 1 Information sharing is the key arrangement 4. 2 Information sharing isn't the key arrangement 5. End and proposals 5. 1 Conclusion 5. 2 Recommendations for future research 6.Discussion and reflection 6. 1 Discussion 6. 2 Reflection 7. References 3 4 7 9 11 12 13 21 24 26 28 29 30 3 1. Presentation Collaboration is something which has happened over all occasions and is a route for individuals just as for associations to achieve any objective or needed outcome. Min and Zhou (2002) expressed that in today’s worldwide commercial center, singular firms no longer contend as autonomous substances with special brand names, yet rather as indispensable piece of gracefully tie links.According to Christopher (1992), a flexibly chain is the system of associations that are included, through upstream and downstream linkages, in the various procedures and exercises that produce an incentive as items and administrations conveyed to a definitive customer. When taking a gander at the downstream linkages, a provider conveys his items or administrations to a purchaser. The purchaser has a recursive interest, and requests this interest to the provider each period. The provider, on his turn, needs to manage creation planning as well as stock control each period.However, managing those issues can be very hard for the provider, when the interest of the purchaser is variable and difficult to foresee. This issue, or marvel, is known as the Bullwhip impact. Yu et al. (2001) po rtrayed this wonder as that the fluctuation of an upstream member’s request is more prominent than that of the downstream part, and that the impact thusly to a great extent is brought about by the inconstancy of requesting. The supplier’s vulnerability about the up and coming buyer’s request can prompt wasteful creations and wasteful stock control, which on their turn will prompt increments of expenses or diminished in revenues.According to Chen (2003), data sharing is regularly proposed to battle the bothersome bullwhip impact. The significance of battling the bullwhip impact was explained by Yu et al. (2001), who expressed that vulnerabilities will engender through the flexibly chain as intensification of requesting changeability, which prompts overabundance in wellbeing stock, expanded coordinations costs and wasteful utilization of assets (Yu et al, 2001). In this way, so as to diminish the odds for these negative results of vulnerabilities for the provider, data sharing appears the key solution.According to Mohr and Spekman (1994), data sharing alludes to the degree to which basic and exclusive data is conveyed to one’s flexibly chain accomplice. Yu et al. 4 (2001) expressed that while each and every part has ideal data about itself, vulnerabilities emerge because of absence of ideal data about different individuals. This appears to be sensible, since a provider can’t settle on the correct choices for his creation timetable and his stock control when he doesn’t realize what the interest of the purchaser will be. As Yu et al. 2001) expressed, the provider in the gracefully fasten necessities to make a figure of its downstream site’s item interest for its own creation arranging, stock control and material prerequisite arranging. Be that as it may, this estimate appears to be difficult to make when vulnerabilities, by the absence of data, exist. In any case, there are a few creators who don’t concur wit h this. Raghunathan (2001) for instance expressed that providers can improve for the situation without data sharing, in light of the fact that the provider can utilize its data about the retailer’s request history to extraordinarily hone its interest forecast.This prompts an exceptional point, on the grounds that on first sight it appears that the vulnerabilities, due to the bullwhip impact, can be tackled by data sharing between the provider and the purchaser, yet a few creators have various musings on this point. This writing survey will asses the two perspectives on the significance of data partaking in the flexibly chain to get an away from of its significance for the bullwhip impact and, by that, on the supplier’s execution. This prompts the accompanying exploration objective and question:Research Question: What is the impact, as indicated by the writing, of data partaking in a gracefully chain on the exhibition of the provider? Applied model The accompanying reas onable model will show the objective of this examination: Level of data sharing + Performance of the provider Research objective: The point of this writing survey is to comprehend the impact of the degree of data partaking in a flexibly chain on the exhibition of the provider, where execution can be estimated as far as decreases in all out expenses and inventories.This paper explores whether the presentation of the provider is emphatically affected by the degree of data sharing or not. 5 The unit of examination: The unit of investigation in this exploration is fair and square of the provider. It could be normal that the degree of data sharing positively affects fighting the bullwhip impact, and by that, on the supplier’s execution in the chain, since data can make the vulnerability about the buyer’s request vanish. Yu et al. 2001) expressed that while each and every part has ideal data about itself, vulnerabilities emerge because of absence of ideal data about differen t individuals. As per this hypothesis, data sharing appears the key answer for lessening or dispensing with the bullwhip impact. Logical pertinence: The logical significance of this writing survey exists in the commitment it brings to the field of research of the significance of downstream data for the provider inside a gracefully chain, so as to diminish or maintain a strategic distance from the bullwhip impact. It gives understanding in the significance of data sharing.Since numerous creators guarantee that data sharing is the key answer for decrease or evade the bullwhip impact, however some then again don't concur with this, this paper attempts to give knowledge in what is valid for this case. Viable significance: The reasonable pertinence of this writing audit is that in our reality a great deal of organizations are dynamic in flexibly chains, and in this way, by this writing survey, a provider working in a gracefully bind can get knowledge in the significance of data sharing f or their presentation in that flexibly chain. 6 2. Hypothetical structure 2. Execution of a provider For the reason for this exploration, just the supplier’s execution is being outlined, and the buyer’s execution is dismissed. The explanation behind this is the provider and the purchaser have various interests in the gracefully chain. The purchaser just attempts to get the best, as such, least cost, however the provider on his turn likewise looks to accomplish great selling costs, decreases in absolute expenses and inventories, and by that, increment his incomes. In view of these various targets, it is too unpredictable to even think about focusing on both sides’ execution in this research.According to Slack et al. (2004), execution ought to consistently be estimated against benchmarks, which could be authentic principles, target execution norms, contender execution guidelines, or supreme execution gauges. Notwithstanding that, Clifford (2000) expressed that pre sentation regularly is estimated utilizing quantitative estimations, as far as the additions or advantages an organization accomplishes in contrast with the expenses contributed. For this exploration, the benchmark ‘absolute execution standards’ of Slack et al. 2004) will be utilized, since this benchmark takes execution on hypothetical cutoff points. This is the thing that will be done in this paper also. The exhibition of a provider will be estimated utilizing hypothetical quantitative estimations, at the end of the day, at expressed by Yu et al. (2001), by the degree to which a provider accomplishes its particular destinations and advantages regarding decreases in all out expenses and inventories. Since this is a writing survey, no precise numbers will be utilized, be that as it may, as expressed here above, hypothetical quantitative estimations will be utilized. 2. Data sharing As expressed previously, the exhibition of the provider is impacted by the degree of data sharing. The explanation behind sharing data in the flexibly chain was expressed by Yu et al. (2001), who expressed that a gracefully chain association is a relationship shaped between two free individuals in flexibly channels through expanded degrees of data sharing to accomplish spe

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A Bird in The House essays

A Bird in The House papers 1) Meaning of the section: - Connects back to Piquette's life - nut cases utilized as an allegory to depict the absence of consideration and having a place for example Piquette didn't go to class and remained at home consistently 2) Major Event: - Piquette going forward to the Connors cabin - first time Piquette demonstrated that she can relate 3) Major Conflict: - Piquette doesn't fit in with the Connor family for example Mother imagined that Piquette had lice; Grandmother McLeod won't to go to the bungalow with her and Vanessa's dad arranges her to get alongside Piquette. Vanessa likewise just utilizes Piquette as an 4) Explain what we found out about the family: Grandmother McLeod is preference against individuals of lower class. - Beth is the run of the mill mother because of believing that Piquette would be an awful impact on her kid BUT once Beth became more acquainted with remain - Ewen Connor is thoughtful, kind, and demonstrated empathy to Piquette. - Vanessa attempted to be companions with Piquette 5) Functions of the Characters outside of the family: - Piquette appears that a few people experience life not so much 6) Explain what and how Vanessa finds out about existence: Vanessa learns that not all individuals are not as fortunate as she is to have a family, home, - Vanessa thinks that its difficult to adapt to the change of having one of her dads tolerance's as an colleague. - Vanessa discovers that sharing cozy minutes with another will bring them closer together in soul. - Vanessa learns a extraordinary arrangement about the nature and life. 7) Explain the centrality of the last sentence of the part: Piquette can identify with the nut cases better than any other person on the grounds that both nut cases and her have no feeling of having a place nor trust ... <! A Bird in the House expositions 1) Meaning of the section: - Connects back to Piquette's life - nut cases utilized as a representation to depict the absence of consideration and having a place for example Piquette didn't go to class and remained at home consistently 2) Major Event: - Piquette going forward to the Connors house - first time Piquette demonstrated that she can relate 3) Major Conflict: - Piquette doesn't fit in with the Connor family for example Mother imagined that Piquette had lice; Grandmother McLeod can't to go to the bungalow with her and Vanessa's dad arranges her to get alongside Piquette. Vanessa likewise just utilizes Piquette as an 4) Explain what we found out about the family: Grandmother McLeod is partiality against individuals of lower class. - Beth is the regular mother because of imagining that Piquette would be an awful impact on her youngster BUT once Beth became more acquainted with remain - Ewen Connor is accommodating, kind, and demonstrated empathy to Piquette. - Vanessa attempted to be companions with Piquette 5) Functions of the Characters outside of the family: - Piquette appears that a few people experience life not so much 6) Explain what and how Vanessa finds out about existence: Vanessa learns that not all individuals are not as fortunate as she is to have a family, home, - Vanessa thinks that its difficult to adapt to the change of having one of her dads tolerance's as an colleague. - Vanessa discovers that sharing cozy minutes with another will bring them closer together in soul. - Vanessa learns a extraordinary arrangement about the nature and life. 7) Explain the essentialness of the last sentence of the section: Piquette can identify with the crackpots better than any other individual in light of the fact that both ... <! A Bird In The House papers The Position of ladies in the 1930's and 1940's is a significant piece of understanding the story, A winged creature in the house. Ladies made extraordinary walks in the twenties, picking up the option to cast a ballot, Among other legal rights. This appeared to be the start of the possibility that ladies were in fact managed similar rights and priveliges as men1. Maybe planting the principal seeds of a freed awareness. Amelia Earhart turned into the primary lady to finish the atlantic intersection courageous. Accomplishments of this size opened the entryway for some other ladies to follow their fantasies. The ladies in this novel speak to three ages of Canadian ladies, In the 1930's to 40's. Their perspectives all vary hugely. I will concentrate principally on instances of their position, utilizing the short story A winged creature in the house to show these distinctions. There are four ladies highlighted noticeably in this specific story: Grandmother MacLeod, a grave lady, who is introduced as being conventional and legitimate. Noreen, a young lady who from the start appears to be extremely common and maybe somewhat intolerant. Beth, the mother of Vanessa, is a lady who appears on the cusp of self revelation, however who appears to be some way or another quieted because of the desires for other people. Lastly, maybe above all, we come to Vanessa. Vanessa has the qualities of both her mom and grandma. She is extremely curious for her age and appears to deep down inquiry everything while apparently, she presents an autonomous manner. The story begins with Vanessa choosing to do without the yearly recognition day march. She harbors a scorn for it, which is by all accounts a consequence of part youth inclination and part evasion of a universe of unusual men she wishes not to be a piece of. Her grandma finds her playing pointlessly in the foyer, and censu res her harshly. Now, she understands her grandma is disheartened by the memory of her child who was executed in the extraordinary war. This leads her t ... <!

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Studying Cybersecurity at SIPA A Course Guide COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Studying Cybersecurity at SIPA A Course Guide COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog Photo:  SIPA students and recent graduates traveled to Washington, D.C., to meet with senior industry professionals and SIPA alumni working in the field of cybersecurity and threat intelligence. Threats emanating from cyberspace impact governments, the private sector, non-profits, and individuals. The borderless nature of (most of) the internet as well as the fact that the private sector owns much of the infrastructure creates difficult policy challenges that governments and companies continue to confront. Thankfully, SIPA is helping train students to tackle these challenges through innovative coursework that allows students to explore the technical, legal, and policy aspects of cybersecurity. As a current student, I’ve taken several courses focused on this area, and I’ve found SIPA to be a great place to study cybersecurity policy. While I concentrate in International Security Policy, there are courses applicable to students in all concentrations. An International Finance and Economic Policy student might explore cyber risk to financial stability, for example, while an International Security Policy student may be more interested in cyber conflict. As you apply to SIPA and prepare your personal statement, use this guide to assist in your research and allow you to explore the potential paths you can take in this exciting field. Basic Technical Background (a great place to start!) Computing in Context  This course teaches the Python programming language through a series of lectures and labs taught by a computer science professor. Then, a SIPA professor explores how these skills can be applied to solving public policy problems. This is an extremely popular class at SIPA that provides a very marketable skill set. While I haven’t personally taken the course, I’ve spoken to several fellow students who found the course challenging but highly practical. Programming for Entrepreneurs  This hands-on short course, which requires no technical background, takes place over an intensive four days and covers the fundamentals of computer science, data structures, web development with HTML/CSS, as well as some basic SQL. While I had some basic web development experience from my undergraduate studies, this course still provided me with valuable skills and was a great first course to gain some additional technical background prior to taking other courses on this list. Basics of Cybersecurity  This course equips students with the basic technical knowledge needed to succeed in other cybersecurity courses at SIPA. Students learn the basics of how computers and the internet work, networking concepts, and network defense and security. When I took this course, it was taught by an active-duty U.S. Army cyber officer, and it was fascinating to learn these concepts directly from an experienced practitioner. Cyber Risks and Vulnerabilities  This course complements the Basics of Cybersecurity course by focusing on the risks and vulnerabilities of various devices and protocols. The course includes demonstrations of common hacking techniques or tools to illustrate how these vulnerabilities are exploited and the potential impact. You should aim to take this course after taking Basics of Cybersecurity. General Problems in Cyber Policy and Cyber Conflict Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law  This innovative seminar course brings together professors and students from SIPA, the Computer Science department, and the Law School to explore cybersecurity issues from the lenses of all three disciplines. The course culminates in an interdisciplinary research project. Students interested in any aspect of cybersecurity or the impact of technology on policy and law will benefit greatly from this course. Tip: if you’re interested in this course, demonstrate your interest in cybersecurity by taking other related courses and joining the student Digital and Cyber Group. The course always has a wait list and this will differentiate you. Dynamics of Cyber Conflict  This course focuses on the national security aspects of cybersecurity, specifically how cyber conflict has developed and how it differs from other types of conflict. Through an interactive exercise, students will learn how to formulate practical policy recommendations to respond to a cyber incident. Taught by Professor Jason Healey, the editor of the first history of cyber conflict, this course is always popular and comes highly recommended. Skills-Based Courses Introduction to Cyber Threat Intelligence  This course introduces students to the skills required to work as a cyber threat intelligence analyst in government or in the private sector. While not required, students will benefit from having some prior technical knowledge, either from another SIPA course or from work experience. Taught by Professor JD Work, who has extensive government and private sector experience, the course has numerous hands-on intelligence analysis exercises that provide valuable experience (and are fun!). Cybersecurity and Business Risk  This course examines cybersecurity from the perspective of the private sector. It explores the risks of conducting business connected to the Internet and how businesses understand and manage these risks. This course is especially beneficial to International Finance and Economic Policy students interested in cybersecurity. Taught by Professor Neal Pollard, the CISO of UBS, the course will help prepare you for cyber risk related roles in a wide variety of industries. SIPA is a leader in training the next generation of leaders in cybersecurity policy. I encourage you to explore these courses as you craft your personal statement. A personal statement that clearly demonstrates how SIPA will advance your career goals is a great way to stand out in the application process, and cybersecurity courses from SIPA are a great way to stand out in your future job hunt.

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Impact of outsourcing in UAE - 550 Words

Impact of outsourcing in UAE (Research Proposal Sample) Content: The Impact of Outsourcing on UAE FirmsAuthorInstitutional AffiliationThe Impact of Outsourcing on UAE FirmsThere has been noted improvement in the United Arab Emirates economic growth for the last couple of years. One of the primary contributors to the economic growth has been outsourcing, and it would be significant to understand the dynamics of outsourcing to the overall economic performance. Therefore, the study will explore the topic with hopes of understanding if outsourcing is the answer UAEà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s economic positive performance.JustificationAccording to Middle East Facility Management Association (2013) the outsourcing levels in UAE are close to reaching levels observed in US and UK. Furthermore, there has been a remarkable improvement in the financial market as a result of the UAE outsourcing. In other words, outsourcing could be the answer to more and bigger financial breakthroughs for UAE. The most important indicator of a flourishing economy is its perf ormance in the financial market, and the Emirates has a remarkable performance. On the other hand, countries such as Oman, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are yet to exploit the benefits of outsourcing leaving UAE with a competitive advantage fully. Some of the benefits in favor of the GCC countries include the fact that mature markets such as the UK exhausted their market potential. However, countries like the Emirates are still small and are yet to exhaust the benefits of outsourcing fully. Therefore, the benefits associated with outsourcing such as access to high-skilled labor and tapping into locally unavailable resources will give a company a competitive advantage over the others (Heneman et al, 2002). In other words, investigating the impact of outsourcing on the Emirates firms would offer a lot of insight on how to further exploit the market especially with this kind of investment.Research MethodsSome of the research methods to use in this study will include distributi on of questionnaires and conducting interviews. The surveys will address the impact of outsourcing on a particular firm and some of the notable improvements in the company after considering that type of investment. The questionnaires will be for 38 employees in one of the renowned companies in UAE. The interviews would be for the director of the business and a financial advisor working in a public firm or private firm. Information from people in a managerial position would offer insight into attitudes towards the contributions of their outsourced labor (Smith et al, 2000). The questionnaires and interview will contain reassurance statements of confidentiality to the interviewees and the employees as well as the firm used for the study. The questions will address one of the primary concerns that are, understanding the risks of outsourcing (Click Thomas, 2004). Sample questions are as mentioned below: 1 How long has your company been outsourcing labor? * 0-5 years * 6-10 years * 10 and Above years 1 Please indicate your response in regards to the following statements below:Your companyà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s performance improved significantly after outsourcing its labor