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Analysis Of O Captain My Captain - 702 Words

O Captain! My Captain! By Walt Whitman is short a poem about the assassination of 16th president, Abraham Lincoln and was written to honor his short life and his work while in office. While initially reading the text, it seems as though the essay is referring to a captain on a ship, who has suddenly passed away. However, looking at the historical context when this was written, and Whitmans position as a staunch Unionist, one can decipher the true meaning of the poem. Through the use of extended metaphor and mood, the ultimate message of the poem is conveyed, which is what a tragedy Lincolns death is to the American society. In Whitmans poem an extended metaphor is used to describe the nation after a tragedy and war has just passed.†¦show more content†¦This shows the meaning behind the poems title, Oh Captain! My Captain!. The first piece of the title shows the greatness in what Lincoln has done and how excited the author was by the ending of the war and the restoration of the union. Meanwhile, the My Captain! portion of the title shows how the people were in shock of what happened and devastated by his death (grade saver). Aside from the extended metaphor of this poem, there is also a self vs other conflict. In the beginning of each stanza Whitman begins by saying how the people were ecstatic that America has been revived and that the death and destruction is finally over. However, after discussing everyones mood he begins speaking to himself. While speaking to himself he shows his own personal sadness towards Lincolns death. He has a conflict within himself because he is not sure how to balance the celebratory moods of others, with his own personal feeling of loss of someone who he was greatly impacted by. Along with himself, many Americans also felt this major divide. Although they felt happy about the union coming back together, they also had the feeling of loss going through them, since many people had family members, or friends who had died in the war. The narrator believes that he should be part of the other group, celebrating the return to safety but however he cannot release himself from his in ner thoughts (civil). I found thisShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of The Poem O Captain ! My Captain 1846 Words   |  8 PagesWhitman’s â€Å"O Captain! My Captain!† was written about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln which gives the poem a strong sense of historical context. The context of the poem gives it the emotional connection and remembrance that so many Americans know and honor each year. When it comes to remembering and honoring him, Walt Whitman was a very good poet that wrote very good poems about Lincoln. Walt Whitman was alive when Abe was assassinated so that gives Whitman a real time view of the effects ofRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem O Captain My Captain By Walt Whitman1337 Words   |  6 PagesWhat a beautiful portrayal of our great nation and some of the many amazing things we have overcome to get to where we now are today. To begin analyzing this poem we must first look at the context of when the poem was written. This poem, â€Å"O Captain, My Captain† was writte n by Walt Whitman in 1865 after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. This death of the beloved president left the entire country devastated. Walt Whitman was a very strong admirer of Abraham Lincoln and often saw him as a fatherlyRead MoreAnalysis Of The Poem O Captain ! My Captain By Walt Whitman826 Words   |  4 Pagesexception. In the famous poem, â€Å"O Captain! My Captain!† Written by, Walt Whitman in the year 1865. The poem, refers to a terrible event in American history; the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln. Instead of the country celebrating and rejoicing over the ending of the Civil War and being happy over the country being kept whole, everyone was mourning in the loss of their leader. Aboard a ship, the poem is about a fellow sailor grieving from the loss of his captain. The sailor in the poem isRead MoreAnalysis Of Walt Whitman s O Captain ! My Captain 1083 Words   |  5 PagesO Depression! My Depression! The speaker in Walt Whitman’s â€Å"O Captain! My Captain!† faces a major inner struggle throughout the entirety of the poem, going through a few of the stages of grief, due to the fact that his captain had died. The five stages of grief are denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and finally acceptance, yet the speaker only goes through four of these. It takes three stanzas for the speaker to succumb to the harsh reality that his captain is deceased. Though not much is knownRead MorePoem Analysis: O Captain! My Captain! by Walt Whitman Essays568 Words   |  3 PagesThe poem basically tells a story about the death of the captain of a ship men crew. The speaker of the poem is a sailor of the ship crew. He grieves mournfully about the death of his respectfully captain. Gloomy and dreary atmospheres are vividly sensed throughout the poem as the speaker lamenting the captain’s death. The poem begins with the speaker calling out his captain that they have finally made it home after their â€Å"fearful trip†. The boat is in sight of land and the people in the shore watchRead More Whitmans O Captain! My Captain! And Dickinsons Hope is a Thing with Feathers860 Words   |  4 PagesWhitmans O Captain! My Captain! And Dickinsons Hope is a Thing with Feathers America experienced profound changes during the mid 1800’s. New technologies and ideas helped the nation grow, while the Civil War ripped the nation apart. During this tumultuous period, two great American writers captured their ideas in poetry. Their poems give us insight into the time period, as well as universal insight about life. Although polar opposites in personality, Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman createdRead MoreComparison of Whitman and Dickenson Poems856 Words   |  4 PagesFeathers and Whitman s O Captain! My Captain! share many qualities. br brHope is a Thing with Feathers and O Captain! My Captain! contain a similar scansion. Both have a predominantly iambic meter. The unaccented beat followed by the accented beat creates a rising meter. Each poem also contains notable exceptions to the iambic meter. In Hope is a Thing with Feathers, the first line ‘Hope is the thing contains a trochee followed by an iamb. O Captain! My Captain! contains even more excep tionsRead MoreCharacterization in the Film Dead Poets Society649 Words   |  3 Pagesboy named Neil and his six acquaintances. They all go to a boarding school, which is rigorous and conservative, called Welton academy. In this analysis I will discuss first and foremost the characterization in the film. John Keating is the new charismatic poetry teacher with unconventional teaching methods he is later referred to as O captain, my captain. He also is an unconventional and inspirational leader who has a lot of influence over the boys and their lives. He puts the term carpe diem inRead MoreEssay On Dead Poets Society1300 Words   |  6 Pagesleadership effectiveness (, n.d.).† Correspondingly, we recognize Robin Williams’s success with the students, as he was able to compel them. This was evident as we watched each student stand to their feet declaring O captain, my captain! On the other hand, we noticed Mr. Nolan’s lack of success, by his failed attempt of gaining the attention of the student’s (ClineGraf, 2014). With that being said, let us now examine the second and third leadership component identified inRead MorePoetry Analysis : The Road Not Taken The Choice O Captain ! Essay2066 Words   |  9 PagesName: Alex Chilet Period: 5 Poetry Analysis Chart As we read The Road Not Taken The Choice O Captain! My Captain! The Centaur Two Haikus Identity Paraphrase Translate the poem in your words. Explain what the poem means. Stanza 1-Speaker of poem in the woods. The wood is sunny, bright, it is Fall. He comes to a fork in the road. He’s trying to choose one road. He can only take one. He looks down one path and he can see pretty far but he doesn’t

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The Positive Effects of Participating in Running - 1527 Words

In today’s inactive society many people struggle with obesity. No one can put a price tag on life. People today need to reevaluate where their priorities stand. The downward spiral for health issues and obesity will continues to get worse, unless everyone takes action to their lives! Opportunities in today’s society show endless ways to get back into shape. Starting the activity of running will change one’s life for the better. The positive benefits of participating in running include experiencing a fun activity, many health benefits, a low cost sport, and sponsoring charity organizations. When starting to get into shape many people dread the thought of exercising. While getting in shape anyone can experience fun and fulfillment. The task of getting in shape will change one’s life for the better. When running anyone can experience a good time. â€Å"Running does more than help improve your physical and mental health† (Delorez and Hanc 16). Running allows anyone to develop into a healthier person. When running one can run with a partner or a group of people. Physically running with someone creates bonding, companionship and competition. Training with someone for a race also provides and creates a positive mindset. A good fit for a running companion should consist of the same positive thinking and the same goals and inspirations (Barrios 128). Socializing while running can lead to many positive benefits to one’s life. â€Å"Don’t be surprised if you feel a bit more outgoing andShow MoreRelatedPhysical Based Programs As Interventions For At Risk Youth Essay1717 Words   |  7 Pagesoutdoor adventure programs, sport and skill based programs, and physical fitness programs. However, the researchers report that the risk of bias in the existing studies is high. None of the studies reported power calculations to detect the hypothesized effect. Additionally, few of the studies reported attrition rate of participants, or randomization techniques. The authors conclude that although the existing studies of physical based interventions contain methodological flaws, there is some evidence toRead MoreWhy do you think it is important to set fitness goals for yourself and strive towards a high level1300 Words   |  6 Pagesresults and overall areas of health related fitness in answering this question) --When I participated in my fitness goal program, I found that my running improved immensely. In my first beep test, I got a score of 8.0. In the following beep tests, my results were steadily increasing. If you were to view my progress on a graph, you would see a consistent positive increase. On a grander scale beyond improvements in my beep test score, I also found improvements in the functioning of my cardio-pulmonary.Read MoreMusic And Its Effect On Society1080 Words   |  5 PagesMusic can produce many effects, mental and physical, in listeners and participants. Cultures throughout history have recognized these effects and used music for healing, productivity, and socialization. Currently different aspects that affect individuals’ chemistry, development, and performance are being studied. The placebo effect, a common mind over matter concept, will be looked at in its relation to music. The chemistry behind music is not as revolutionary as one might assume. For simplicityRead MoreDecline In Youth Sports1661 Words   |  7 Pagesthe rest of their lives. Sports can be a very important thing in many children’s lives and it will have a positive effect on them forever. Decline in youth sports is a problem because it is hurting more than one person. Kids that do not participate in a sport are more likely to have bad grades, get into drugs and alcohol, get into trouble with the law, and less likely to have a positive effect on our society. According to NCBI â€Å" both male and female athletes were more likely to eat fruit and vegetablesRead MoreRamsi Case Report1384 Words   |  6 Pageshad positive effects on safety in the Solomon Islands, specifically Honiara. As well as having positive effects on safety, RAMSI also assisted in saving the Solomon Islands from economic collapse. This mission has had effects on both young people from the Solomon Islands and from the nations supporting the Solomon Islands, specifically Australians. This report will go on to identify these effects on young people and services that support them. It will then recognize how any negative effects are beingRead MoreBenefits of Youth Sports1382 Words   |  6 Pagescharac ter. They reveal it,† said John Wooden, legendary UCLA basketball coach. Playing sports not only provides physical activity, but also other positive benefits. This is especially true for children. A well-structured and organized youth program will provide benefits and positive experiences for young athletes. While children are having fun participating in sports they are also building character, learning to work as a team, and playing fairly. Most people think the only benefits of sports are physicalRead MoreEffects of Religion on Children, Positive or Negative?1296 Words   |  6 PagesRunning head: EFFECTS OF RELIGION 1 Effects of Religion on Children, Positive or Negative? Anthony C. Antonelli Everglades University EFFECTS OF RELIGION 2 Abstract This work will discuss the positive as well as negative effects of religion on children. The factors of depression expressed through many published studies include: participation in religious practice, willingness to participate in illegalRead MoreCross Training Modalities As A Form Of Injury Prevention1278 Words   |  6 Pagesmodalities can be a reasonable low-impact substitute of aerobic exercise (Burns, Lauder, 2001; Lu, Chien and Chen, 2007; Kilding, Scott, and Mullineax, 2007). Many methods of cross training have been used as a substitute to running, including elliptical exercise (EE), deep water running (DWR), swimming, and stationary cycling (Foster et al., 1995; Lu et al., 2007; Pizza et al., 1995; Sozen, 2010). When coaches and rehabilitation specialists prescribe certain forms of cross training, many factors must beRead MoreMy Entrepreneurial Lessons From Running861 Words   |  4 Pagesfree is becoming impossible. You have to spend for to get more is what they tell us . You can t even benefit from the effects of the sun if you don t smear yourself in sun-screen. Can you really only pick the fruits of success if you have the right tractor? In this blog I will draw a lot of my entrepreneurial lessons from running, here is one example. The more you read about running the more needs your accumulate. You start thinking, that you need more products that will allow you to exploit yourRead More Health and Exercise Essay1126 Words   |  5 Pagessomething that is proven to help all of these things, but not a lot of people exercise on a regular basis. This is something that you do not have to pay for, so what is stopping everyone from exercising? There are many positive effects of exercising and very little negative effects. I wonder how much a pill that helped all of those things would set you back? There are very few people that I come in contact with that would say that they never get stressed out. I am a college and I basically

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The Impact Of Playstation Portable Advertising On The...

In an era of multimedia convergence and freedom of expression, opinion is published and spread freely online. This kind of freedom also been used by advertisers to promote their product, and sometimes advertisers take it too far. This essay will be analyzing the PlayStation Portable advertising that was released in Dutch with the tagline ‘White is coming’, and arguing about the racism and culture issue that will be addressed in regards to the concept of essentialism and non-essentialism. This essay will also clarify how racism is still a big issue that will affect the young generation. As a result, advertising propagates existing racial symbols while denying it, as part of a strategy of disrepute. Sony, the company that produce PSP, is known as the undisputed leader in graphics and computing (Bogner et al. 2007). PlayStation Portable or PSP is a smaller, lighter version of Sony s PlayStation. This gaming console is made not only for gaming; users can also store and play their music, videos and still images. The advertisement for the new colour of PSP called White is coming that was released in Dutch, were making some people angry. The advertisement displays two women, black and white, fighting each other in black background. It is shown that the white is more dominant and aggressive; the hairstyle, the way she grab the black women and also her face expression demonstrating anger. This advertisement can also be define as a hatred toward black people because, it shows thatShow MoreRelatedEssay on Rapid Growth of Nintendo Video Games2304 Words   |  10 PagesHowever the console failed to gain momentum at the beginning, and ultimately botched, 2013 year ended with the Wii U sell ing only 2.8 million consoles. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sold 3million and 4.2 million consoles respectively (CNN, 2014), despite only going on sale in November 2013. The lack of sales had a negative impact on profitability, with Nintendo reporting an operating loss of  ¥36.4 billion at year end (Forbes, 2013). Nintendo attributes the lack of Wii U sales with the delay of strongRead MoreEb Games Business Plan Essay12098 Words   |  49 PagesDistribution 15 Describe the methods that will be used to sell and distribute the products or services 15 Discuss the advantage and disadvantage of the selling methods chosen 17 6.Advertising and Promotion 17 Advertising and promotion approach 17 Basis of the approach 18 Outline of costs 19 Competitors’ advertising and promotion 19 7.Customer Relations 19 Maintaining customer relations 19 Customer services policies 20 Dealing with complaints 23 Terms of payment 24 Monitoring andRead MoreWhy Women Should Not Be Sexualized And Objectified The Way They Are Video Games3095 Words   |  13 Pagesthe world and the stereotypes that have been created about what women should be doing and how women should be submissive and helpless etc. Video games have had a huge impact in creating and pushing some of these stereotypes and still today are placing emphasis on them to the next generation of players. How this will impact on young players exposed to these fantasies and their perception of women’s role in society is yet to be determined. Games like Tomb Raider (Eidos Interactive, 1996–2009. SquareRead MoreComment on How Changes in Macro and Market Environment Forces Impact on the Level of Competition in an Industry.18606 Words   |  75 Pages † The marketing environment LEARNING OBJECTIVES After reading this chapter, you should be able to: describe the nature of the marketing environment explain the distinction between the microenvironment and the macroenvironment discuss the impact of political and legal, economic, ecological/physical environmental, social/cultural and technological forces on marketing decisions explain how to conduct environmental scanning discuss how companies respond to environmental change PoliticalRead MoreNintendo Marketing Plan8431 Words   |  34 Pagestime watching television, 24% on socializing, 22% on sport and hobbies and 10% on other activities. Some popular sports in UK are rugby, tennis, cricket and football. Meanwhile, average of only 15 minutes a day are spent on doing sports by the either young or old British people. 3.1.4 Technological The technology sector has shown big changes through the years. The use of mobile phones as well as internet services has increased dramatically in the last ten years. For example in the UK there is a significantRead MoreNintendo10466 Words   |  42 Pagesbusiness model of the video game industry. In 2000, when Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo (the â€Å"big three† of the video game console manufacturers) released their latest products, Sonys PlayStation 2 (â€Å"PS2†) emerged as the clear winner, outselling Microsoft’s Xbox and Nintendo’s GameCube. In 2006, a new generation of video game consoles was introduced by these players, precipitating a new competitive battle in the industry. Microsoft and Sony continued with their previous strategies of increasingRead MoreSummary Article Nikes Dispute with the University of Oregon9247 Words   |  37 PagesFortune 500 Fortune 500 The Fortune 500 is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine that ranks the top 500 U.S. closely held and public corporations as ranked by their gross revenue after adjustments made by Fortune to exclude the impact of excise taxes companies collect. The list includes publicly and... companies headquartered in the state of Oregon, according to The Oregonian The Oregonian The Oregonian is the major daily newspaper in Portland, Oregon, owned by Advance PublicationsRead MoreSwot Analysis25582 Words   |  103 Pagesthe target market, Sunbeam applies an integrated marketing communications strategy, markets the products through a variety of media, and utilises a range of promotional tools. The advertising campaign was developed to position the Cafà © Series range as a high-performing premium brand. Sunbeam focused on magazine advertising and point of purchase displays. In addition to the magazine print campaign, supportive materials were developed— such as a 12-page brochure, in-pack cross-selling leaflets, on-pack/productRead MoreAnalysis of the Music Industry30024 Words   |  121 Pagesfor years to come. Recent growth in recorded products has also come from music on digital versatile disc (DVD), which are rapidly replacing videocassettes, and this marks a shift towards a more `visual appreciation of music and its performers. Young consumers are spending more time accessing music through their computers or televisions, having been brought up on MTV and other music channels in the new digital media environment of multi-channel television and radio. Although radio is now peripheralRead Moreâ€Å"a Study on Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Sony Vaio Laptops†14338 Words   |  58 Pagespaid whenever someone clicks on the advertiser’s ad). Now her friend has returned with the coffees and pastries. Her friend is eager to show off her parent’s gift to her on her birthday-a ruby ring and A220 Samsung cell phone created by a team of young Korean designers after months of market research and focus groups. The phone resembles cosmetic compact and dispenses dieting tips as well as advice on how to dress for the weather. The two girls are oohing and aahing over the tiny display that doubles

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Reflective Essay On Art Education - 801 Words

As a prospective teacher, it is important to acknowledge the impact art has on students, and its power to stimulate their creative ability. Through art education, students are given the chance to use their imaginations to see the world around them differently by developing deeper perspectives from their own creations. Art even allows students to grow as learners and as a result, should be a subject area that is prioritized in elementary curriculum. Be that as it may, since art education is crucial to the development of a child, this semester I was instructed to work with a student in order to teach him about a specific artist while simultaneously tapping into his creative ability. For my case study, I chose to do the lesson with my†¦show more content†¦Johnangelo was enthralled by da Vinci’s work and told me that he wished he could paint like him; he was surprised that a painting could look so realistic. He also looked at the sketches da Vinci completed and seemed ver y interested in the content presented before him. The student was then instructed to close his eyes and think of someone he could paint, just as da Vinci painted portraits of people he knew and those who commissioned him. Next, I took out all of the art materials, such as paint brushes, a palette, oil paint, and a blank canvas. At this point, I payed attention to how my student was feeling and I noticed that he looked excited, eager, and ready to paint. As I watched Johnangelo work, I noticed how happy and enthusiastic he was about his work. I encouraged him to continue working as he painted slowly and took his time developing the outlines of the painting. He worked diligently and ensured that every ounce of the blank canvas was covered in oil paint. As I watched Johnangelo, I was impressed by his dedication to the project and his desire to create something wonderful. It was evident, during his time painting, that he was very passionate about his artwork. While Johnangelo worked I w as overjoyed that he enjoyed this lesson and that he was able to connect to da Vinci’s work to create his own masterpiece. As he painted, I watched carefully and took note of all his facial expressions,Show MoreRelatedThe Literate Arts: What is the Purpose?1334 Words   |  6 PagesNicholas Crawford English 103 10 September 2014 The Literate Arts: What is the Purpose? As a student I have read several essays, all in different but connecting points of view that explore in depth the diverse ways of education, educating in the literate arts, learning, using the information, and applying it to life. In reading the controversial opinions expressed throughout these essays, the question, â€Å"What are the literate arts good for?† has crossed my mind more than a few times. Four authorsRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Alexander Pope s An Essay1310 Words   |  6 PagesAn essay is, generally, a piece of writing that gives the author s own argument — but the definition is vague, overlapping with those of an article, a pamphlet, and a short story. Essays have traditionally been sub-classified as formal and informal. Formal essays are characterized by serious purpose, dignity, logical organization, length, whereas the informal essay is characterized by the personal element (self-revelation, individual tastes and experiences, confidential manner) , humor, gracefulRead MoreRole As A Student Of Higher Education, By Rosemary Keogh R David Walker1495 Words   |  6 PagesRole as A student in Higher Education, This is a reflective essay based on my experience in communicating in a group setting and the importance of communication in my future role as a mental health nurse. The reason for choosing communication is because throughout my three years of studying it will be a recurring skill that I will require in order competent and confident in delivering the best care to the patients, carers and their families. In this essay I will be using Gibbs (1988), to assist meRead More Gaining a â€Å"sense of the arts† through music Essay1266 Words   |  6 PagesGaining a â€Å"sense of the arts† through music The arts are forms of personal and social expression. They stimulate imagination, thinking, thinking, and understanding. The arts are fundamental in the development of children, who can feel as well as think, and who are sensitive and creative. In early childhood education children identify and express the feelings and ideas in different forms such as music, dance, drama, and visual arts. This essay highlights the key ideas of how young childrenRead MoreIn My Creative Nonfiction Genre Proposal, I Stated That,1571 Words   |  7 Pageswill be literary essays that address humanity’s universal desire for a sense of identity and belonging; these essays will be written from a personal perspective, containing anecdotes, internal conflicts, and external opinions† (1). A little over ten weeks later, I believe I have achieved this goal in my final draft because of the stylistic approaches and revisions I made with the help of the Creative Writing Seminar workshops. My final draft for the project consists of eight essays that address severalRead MoreConstructivist Teachers And Teaching Philosophy1454 Words   |  6 Pagesclassroom investigations and discussions and study more on their own. There are five identified central tenets of constructivism as a teaching philosophy: Constructivist teachers seek and value students’ points of view. This concept is similar to the reflective action process we call withitness, in which teachers attempt to perceive students’ needs and respond to them appropriately; Constructivist teachers challenge students to see different points of view and thereby construct new knowledge. LearningRead MoreReflection on a Brain Injury Clinic1348 Words   |  6 PagesReflective Piece. Reflection refers to the process of learning from experience. In order to learn effectively we need to address our experiences and tailor them to our needs. Spalding (1998) stated that reflection has three main learning phases. The learning opportunity, the gathering and analysis stage and the changed perspective. Boyd et al (1985) suggest reflection to be an: ‘...important human activity whereby people recapture their experiences, consider them and evaluate them . ReflectionRead MoreInstructional Goals For Students With Writing Assignments1230 Words   |  5 PagesStudent A formerly received special education services during her first two years of high school. As a student, she lacks confidence but is willing to work hard, ask questions, and meet with me outside of class to complete major writing assignments. Also, Student A goes to the Literacy Center and receives additional help from a certified English teacher with writing assignments. Student A is passionate about working with children and hopes to be an art therapist. She is conscious of her future andRead MoreLearning Styles and Multiple Intelligences Essay examples917 Words   |  4 Pagesother types of learning styles are active and reflective. These are usually grouped in with the aforementioned styles, and they help to further define them. Active learners are impulsive risk takers. They prefer not to take many notes and do not like long lectures where they have to sit and just listen. Active learners are much like kinesthetic learners in that they like to learn by doing. They do well with role playing, and like team competition. Reflective learners are mainly introverts, and they likeRead MoreSylabus Essay3948 Words   |  16 Pagesï » ¿ Course Syllabus Fall Semester 2014 School of Liberal Arts Course Name: Composition II Course Number: ENG 112 Section Number: 064 Credits: 3 Contact Hours: 3 Credits: 3 Contact Hours: 3 Instructor’s Name: Dr. Joy Ellen Parker Office Hours Location: MW 12:30-1:30; 3:30-5:30/TR 3:30-5:30 in FH 1026 Campus Phone: 567.661.7680 Campus E-mail: Additional Contact Information: Reminder: You must email me using your Owens email, or I will not be able to

Compare and Contrast Gatsby’s and Myrtles Parties Free Essays

At the end of Chapter 2 and at the beginning of Chapter 3, we find Nick describing two different parties, the first one Myrtle’s, the second Gatsby’s. The parties are very different themselves; they contain two completely contrasting settings, at opposite ends of the spectrum. Myrtle’s party is at the lower end of the spectrum, and seems to be the ‘wannabe party’, where most of the people there are the people who wish to become the people who attend Gatsby’s party, who are the rich and famous. We will write a custom essay sample on Compare and Contrast Gatsby’s and Myrtles Parties or any similar topic only for you Order Now This contrast of attendees to the parties is very interesting, and in my view, portrays how society in 1920’s America was. People wanted to be rich, and followed how the people who were rich to as close as they possibly could. Myrtle’s party is a very interesting scenario, in all of its forms. Myrtles apartment even shows how she is determined to live the upper class lifestyle. The description of the apartment (â€Å"a small living room, a small dining room, a small bedroom, and a bath. â€Å") Shows how poor it really is, and may also show how poor Myrtle is. The apartment also shows Myrtle’s undying desperation and need to be seen as rich, mostly shown in the items inside the apartment. † tapistried furniture entirely too large for it (the apartment) † The furniture is symbolic of Myrtle in many ways, it can be seen that she is desperate to be seen as rich, and so she buys items that are too large for her own restrictions on life. It could also be seen that the ‘furniture entirely too large for it’ shows that Myrtle’s desires for life are too large for what she can manage, and so they seem to become cumbersome, and become intrusive in everything that she does. ladies swinging in the gardens of Versailles† is showing the type of lifestyle Myrtle wants to have, and it is the lifestyle that Daisy and Jordan have achieved. This continues to show the desperation of Myrtle, as she is trying to gain the ‘touch of class’ wherever she can, and this desperation is amplified when we see how much of a following she has on celebrities lives (â€Å"several old copies of Town Tattle†) it seems she is hoping that if she reads and learns how celebrities live, she will pick up that lifestyle and become one also. The people who go to the party help show what the party is trying to portray. Catherine, Myrtle’s sister, is exactly the same as Myrtle in many ways. She is portrayed by Nick as very fake, and possibly a ‘Gold digger’, but the reality is that she is just trying to gain security, and the best way to do that in the 1920’s was to find a rich husband. Mr. McKee is a photographer, and we can tell by the way he asks enthusiastically to Tom about possibly photographing his family, that he also desperate and trying to ‘make it big’. This is further reinforced at the end of the chapter, where McKee is drunk, half naked and still showing his portfolio to people, in this case, Nick. This shows the perseverance people at this time had to become rich, and how much they needed to force their particular medium on people to get a chance to become rich, but also to preserve their dreams. Tom, at this time, is at the party to escape his life with Daisy, and it is interesting how differently he treats Myrtle and Daisy, but also the similarities. Tom seems to be more willing to spend on Myrtle, for example, the apartment itself and the dog. It is obvious that Tom only wishes to use Myrtle, and thus the apartment, for sex, which is why he has spent so little on it, as it only contains what he requires. However, there are similarities in how he treats Daisy and Myrtle. For example, he will not allow either of them to have their own says if they are not the same as his, and how brutally he treats them if they do not . We see this in plain view when he breaks Myrtle’s nose. This shows how he believes in a patriarchal society, and shows how he can bring he back down to reality with one deft blow. Gatsby’s party is so much different from Myrtle’s it is unrecognizable. Gatsby’s party is extremely extravagant, and everything Myrtle wants hers to be. His vastness of wealth is shown in many ways, such as â€Å"‘his Rolls Royce became an omnibus’, ‘five crates of oranges and lemons’, ‘enough coloured lights to make a Christmas tree’, ‘pitful of oboes and trombones'† All of these show off how much wealth Gatsby has, and it is even more amplified with the knowledge that these parties are common occurrences. The descriptions given also seem to be very biblical, such as â€Å"pyramid of pulpless halves†. This imagery may show the fact that the pyramid is made of ‘pulpless halves’ shows the people who go to these parties are the kind of people that are in the magazines that Myrtle reads, which are known to be very superficial. The fact that Gatsby is still mainly called â€Å"my neighbour† shows that he is still very mysterious, even though he continuously throws these large parties. This is an interesting contrast, we expect people who throw such parties to be the type of people who show off, or who are celebrities. In other words, the type of people Myrtle aspires to be like. However, Gatsby is not like this, we know he throws parties with such exuberance and enthusiasm, and yet we have only seen a glimpse of the character himself, and we have not as of yet heard a piece of dialogue from him. This is probably why Nick is so interested in him, as he does not fit into the mould that people expect him to. There is no specific people mentioned who go to Gatsby’s party, apart from Catherine in the previous chapter. The other people are only described as â€Å"enthusiastic meetings between women who never knew each other’s names† This description shows who the type of people go to Gatsby’s parties, they seem to be very superficial, and the stereotypical ‘rich person’ we can compare this with Myrtle’s party, where almost everyone there, excluding Tom, wants to become rich, but they do not think about the consequences of such a thing and will possibly fall into this stereotype, or see it as the right way to be. We can see contrasts between the two parties in many areas, such as the fact Myrtle’s party feels very cramped, whereas Gatsby’s is very open. This shows the value of life and wealth these two people have, as well as their ambitions. Myrtle’s overwhelming ambition to be rich and famous controls as to what she does, which is to do anything she can and nothing else to get her dream. Gatsby’s position in life means that he can do what with his life, making his party personify his freedoms. Overall, we are shown two different sides of 1920’s America. We see the Hollywood-style America, with Gatsby’s party, where everyone is having a fantastic time, even if it is all very hollow. But we are also seen the underbelly of America, with all the opportunists in one place trying to use the wealthiest person there to boost themselves upwards. This, could be said, to be the reality of the American Dream. To make it big, you need to use every chance you can get and make all of the risks you can chance to make it, and if you don’t, you fall down the ladder and have to start again. How to cite Compare and Contrast Gatsby’s and Myrtles Parties, Papers

English Vs Math Essay Example For Students

English Vs Math Essay To most people English or Language Arts is a creative course and math is just a logical, you get it or you dont class. My purpose writing this paper is to change your mind. I believe that Math is just as, or more creative than English. I will demonstrate this through a couple of examples. First, we must understand what is behind the creative aspect in English. Most people consider that English is the, creative, subject because of titles such as creative writing and creative thinking and in contrast there is no creative something in math. In English when we are, lets say, going to write a creative short story we use our imaginations and there are no limits. Now on the other hand in math when faced with a problem such as; if you have 300 meters of fence and have to enclose a rectangular field. What would be the dimensions of the field that would yield the largest area? When mathematicians go to solve one of these they have to be creative in their problem solving. Perhaps, one of the best ways to demonstrate creativity in math is through an identity question. An identity question is where you have an equation and you try to manipulate each side individually without touching the other side and get them to be equal. We start off with something like sin squared theta over cos theta plus cos and the objective here is to prove that it is identical to sec theta. At first looks there is no connection but by using creative methods and hours of work eventually we figure out the way to do it. Sin? + Cos ? | Sec ? Cos ? | First I would make everything over Cos ? Sin ? + Cos ? | Sec ? Cos ? | Then I would apply a law 1 | Sec ? Cos ? Then a simple law Sec ? | Sec ? You can prove that it is creative because a computer cant solve this equation, (a computer thinks logically). Technically a computer could solve this equation but it could just tell you if they were equal and not to the same level of accuracy. A computer would input a value for ? on both sides and if the answer is equal then the equation is equal. The problem with this is that when you get into trigonometry there could be a difference in the decilionth decimal place. A computer cant work with the abstract which is what is in my example. A computer may take 2 seconds or a million years to find an answer or it may give the wrong answer! The other point is that a computer can only perform things in a certain order it cant guess or have a feeling about a question, which brings in the creative aspect. Another example happened during one of my Calculus classes that I believe to be the most abstract and creative of the maths. A fellow student and me figured out pie. We figured out that the integral from 0 to1 of the square root of x minus 1 is equal to half of pie. We had huge problems figuring out this equation but persistence eventually won out and we solved it. Later we found out that this was a University Calculus level question and we shouldnt have been able to solve it due to our lack of skills in this area. Creativity then can be the only culprit for our derivation of the solution. Finally one of my strongest points is that on some of the more creative math units the more creative people usually the artsy type do a lot better than in the other units and by no means because these units are easier. Remember that I am not saying that English isnt creative, just that Math is more creative than anyone gives it credit for.

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Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper free essay sample

â€Å"I’ve got my city doing front flips†. That is how Chance the Rapper starts one of his many great songs in his album â€Å"Coloring Book†. In this album he raps about how he has positively impacted his home city of Chicago. He recently donated 2 million dollars to Chicago public schools. He raps about how he is cleaning up the streets. In this essay, I will be reviewing his songs from Coloring Book. These songs are Angels, Blessings, and No problem. *Starting with my favorite song in this album Angels. This song has a great melody and has an upbeat tone. He raps about he is giving back to his city and cleaning up the streets by donating to public schools. Which i really like because i have things like feed my starving children and other volunteer things that a teen ager can do. Some rap songs are meaningless without a story but this is not one of those. We will write a custom essay sample on Coloring Book by Chance the Rapper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page â€Å"I angles yea I got Angles†. This line is one of my favorite because hes talking about how he is protected by the city and what they do for him he gives back. Thats why he donated 2 million dollars. *Blessings is my second favorite song from this album. This song is not as upbeat and speed as Angels is. Its a lot slower but i think it has a better message. He raps about how growing up he was given blessings. He started on the streets but he still made his way to the top.I would recommend this song to someone who needs a little motivation to get back up. He also raps about how his ex girlfriend got pregnant and how she became his everything.What i have learned from this song is even if I start as a nobody who is on the streets I can make my way up with hard work. *The third song I will be reviewing is No Problem. This is a song that I would listen to before a game. It has an up beat tempo and the melody is very enticing . This song doesnt have much of a point to it. Its basically meant for playing during warmups. Its also a very good song to jam out to while im doing homework. In conclusion i love this album. I hope other people can appreciate it. There are many more songs in the album; i just reviewed my favorite. Those were Blessings, Angels, and No problem. They have great melodies and are not pointless rap songs. They have many different occasions when they would be goodto listen to. I highly recommend this album.